Friday, September 30, 2011

VBlog # 3 / EMF fields explained with an oscilliscope

In this video BIG AL uses an oscilliscope to show how an EMF meter senses Electromagnetic fields

In this video below, Tyler talks about Electrostatic / ION fields and does a comparison test between the K2, Gauss meter and the wildly popular Paracorder 667 for ION/Electrostatic detection

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vblog # 2 / Pulsating EMF pump tests with Paracorders

Paracorder 667 and Paracorder EVP BOOSTER side by side. This test says it all.

These are very powerful tools for detecting and energizing ghosts ghostly activity

VBlog # 1 / Introduction

This video blog will consist of varying topics related to electronics and the paranormal. It will always start with this intro so that you know this video is by us, Moditronic.

Nutsy humor aside, Big Al holds a Masters of EE in Electronics and Avionics from Vaughn College and has worked for various large corporations in the service of Computer Communication Technology, Electronic Design and Implementation.

Moditronic has purchased a small home in St. Augustine, Florida and the principal holder of the company, "Big Al", will be conducting most of these videos from there (THE MODITRONIC LAB) at night, sometimes close to the witching hour. Why? Because no one is around except Al, the camera and maybe a ghost or two..... You will be entertained and informed.

This place is very interesting indeed. Our first day of etching boards we find this little snake which we adopted as our outside pet. (No name yet, maybe you can help us). This wormy little bugger was hunting for roaches by the mulch bed. This is just a taste of what we have to deal with in St. Augustine, Florida (besides ghosts).

For those of you who speak "Spammish" (or Spam Email language) I will translate.

"Blog for Video this very nice happy joy joy, informations for you very much, conductor Big Al talking every time for subject paranormal electronic this nice. "