Monday, October 3, 2011

VBlog # 4 / We're more than just gadget geeks

You wonder when I say "we", who do I mean? Well, there are a lot of people who belong to the Moditronic family, even other companies. I (Big Al) personally do some specalty ghost tours in this beautiful 75 hearse.
She's a beauty! The sister company is Ghost Augustine owned by T. Russell.

If you get a chance, come down and see us. Ask for me (Big Al) and we'll try to fit you in to one of our very popular tours. 

Yes, besides making Paracorder ( emf pumps ) and electrostatic detectors, the Paraspectrum, the Deep IR and Open Spectrum camcorders, we use them and test them here in haunted St. Agusutine Florida on our tours at Ghost Hearse and yes, there are plenty of opportunities for positive testing.

We even have fully equipped paranormal laboratory to play around with when we're not building our ghostly wares. This FULLY EQUIPPED beauty houses several thousand dollars of paranormal equipment ( found at )  We use it on investigations but also rent it out to ghost hunters and some TV networks for shoots.

So besides this informative and fun blog, Big Al and the Moditronic motley crew have much to do with the ghost hunting community. We're not your typical gadget nerds just making meters. Oh no...

So, for those of you who were wondering what I mean when I say "we", now you know. It's more than just the lab guys.

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